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If a uniform color is desired, Hydro-Dye is not recommended. Cracks, defects, oil, hard water, etc. will not be hidden or covered.

The installation process used will create the most controllable environment possible. Concrete surfaces will react differently. The result is what you get, no attempt to adjust color can be made.

Hydro-Dye Uses and Benefits

Can be use for both interior and exterior projects. It is recommended that Hydro-dye be used on standard concrete for interior and stamped concrete for exterior.

Depending upon the concrete’s age and porosity, Hydro-Dye color will drift to enhance the character of the concrete.

Stain can be applied to old or new, flat or stamped concrete to restore or enhance the concrete surface.

Hydro-Dye gives concrete a unique visual character. Variations in the concrete surface will result in a beautiful variegated color effect.

Concrete Stain